Monday, April 20, 2009


Good news! The guests at Lil' Kay's birthday party will not be bashing a giant peanut pinata! Godzilla now has a head and arms! That's right! I made PROGRESS!!
Mr. Kay helped me out by coming up with a plan for hanging the pinata. Since it involved a cordless drill and some engineering, I let him handle that part of it. He drilled two holes in the back of the pinata, and then threaded wire through both holes to create our hanger.

Using wadded up newspaper, masking tape and a poptart box, I created the base for Godzilla's neck and head. After studying a Godzilla action figure for some time, I realized that Godzilla's head is ridiculously small in proportion to the rest of his body! The neck and head were attached to the body using wide masking tape and the wire hanger was also brought up through the neck to give it a bit more stability. Lil' Kay was thrilled that his pinata was finally starting to look like a monster and not just two balloons taped together!

Once again, I wadded up newspaper and taped it all together to make arms. The trickiest part was taping them to the body.The last thing I accomplished on Saturday was covering the new attachments with a layer of papier mache. This was the hardest part, because the shapes are so irregular! I was also very concerned about the fact that the arms were still very wiggly. However, once everything dried. they were quite stable. I don't think I'm going to worry about doing another layer of papier mache over that. I don't really care if the arms fly off with the first whack!

So, the next step is to create Godzilla's legs and tail. His legs need to be fairly large. You wouldn't believe the thighs on that guy! And, we'll have to figure out the tail, but I'm pretty sure that will just involve more newspaper and masking tape. It's amazing that such a fun party game can be prepared with stuff you have around the house!


AlyGatr said...

You are brave to attempt Godxilla! I would have quit after the peanut :) You mean kids don't want to play with a Mr Peanut pinata??? I'd love to see him all done.

LillyShayStyle said...

I can't wait to see this when you are finished!

Leanne said...

yes, i can't wait to see it finished, either! i love paper mache...but for some reason it isn't as easy for me as it looks. you're doing a great job!