Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Craft

So, I'm a bit of a procrastinator. I admit it. I usually work up the Sunday School lesson for my preschool class on Saturday night or Sunday morning. And this week was no different. It occurred to me on Saturday that next Sunday is Easter. At our church, we have an Easter service followed by a brunch, but no Sunday School. It seemed to me that my preschool class still needed to hear the Easter story, but I would have to do it a week early.
On Saturday morning I started doing some searching for a good Easter craft to go along with our lesson. Couldn't find anything appealing. I thought that maybe I'd be able to find a simple cross project in the craft department at Walmart, but had no luck. When I went to bed on Saturday night, I had a story and a coloring page, but no craft.
Sunday morning, I was back on the internet looking for a good idea and finally ran across this project to make a decorative cross out of egg cartons. Problem being that I didn't have any empty egg cartons. I had four egg cartons in my refrigerator, but they all had eggs in them. Fortunately, I only have two kids in my class, so I transferred eggs from two cartons into a Tupperware container. The entire time I was praying that we wouldn't have any visitors this Sunday.
The project actually turned out pretty cute. The boys always get excited when a project involves paint, and we managed not to make too big of a mess. The photo above is of Lil' Kay's completed cross. We found a spot to hang it once all that glue and paint dried.

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