Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Can See the Finish Line!

This craft trailer is so close to being complete that it's making me a giddy. Here are the latest pictures.

The sanded, finished, completed work table. I cannot wait to start working on that great expanse!
The closet doors are reattached, primed, and...

painted! Just need to add the handles. We're still discussing which handles to use.
All of these drawers had to be decoupaged. 

I got about six done before Christmas.

I finished the rest of them last night, and Roger installed them today. The handles and pulls are all from Ikea. Unfortunately, we didn't buy enough when we were there in October, so we are three handles short. And, Ikea doesn't sell them online. And, the Kansas Ikea doesn't open until sometime next year. I'm looking into other sources, but if anyone has three extra red Ikea Satta handles that they'd like to sell, let me know!

There are four doors that go along the very bottom of my cabinets. I found these awesome animal pictures in a Child Craft book from the 70s. I decided they'd make a nice pop of color. These are my doors in various stages of drying. This is how I've spent my New Year's Eve. Yeah, I'm pretty hardcore...
Tomorrow, I am going to start sorting and packing my craft supplies. It's hard to believe that I am finally to that stage! There is still some touch up painting to do in the trailer, a couple of doors for Roger to build and install, and the broken windows still need replaced, but it is ready for me to dust, sweep and start moving in! So, you know how I'll be starting 2014!
Happy New Year!

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