Monday, September 23, 2013

Home Stretch?

Roger says he feels like things are finally coming together on the trailer and that he feels like the end is in sight. I know he's out of his mind, because I can make a list a mile long of stuff that still needs to be done. But, it is starting to look like my dream space, so I can't complain!
The reading nook is looking amazing! It's all walled-in, trimmed and ready to be painted. 

The opposite end of the trailer is nearly done. We decided to paint all of the trim white, rather than a color. It makes the space look bigger, and I'll add splashes of colors when I do the window coverings. At this point, I'm going to do valances, rather than full curtains, because I want to use those window ledges as display space.
Next, Roger wants to focus on building the work table that will fit under the front window. I'm asking for a plain wooden table top. Something smooth, clean and easy to clean up. Something I can add my own character to.
Not sure how much work is going to get done on the trailer for the next few weeks. We will be participating in three shows in October, so I am headed in to preparation mode for those. Lots of things to clean, tag and pack. Busy! Busy!

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bren said...

Looking fabulous!