Monday, July 2, 2012

New Booth!!

We've been on the waiting list for about a year to get a booth at Paramount Antique Mall. This was finally our month! Roger and I have spent past week or so scrambling to design, build and stock our new booth. And, we're pretty pleased with the results. It still needs more stuff, but it's off to a great start! We definitely need to utilize those big blank walls.

 I will freely admit that Roger did most of the work. I don't build stuff and he won't let me paint. Plus, someone has to stay with the kids while he's building and painting and laying down tile. Those black and white tiles were originally purchased for our camper. We're going to have to buy more of them...

Roger built that amazing shelf out of wood and airplane flaps. It is perfect for displaying his pedal cars! Not to mention the fact that it's very eye catching! I'm just amazed that he designed and built it himself. He does that kind of thing all the time!

This is an old victrola cabinet that we picked up off the curb. Roger gave it his version of a shabby chic paint job and it makes a perfect display cabinet.

I love how bright and cheerful the booth is! Roger pointed out that as you're walking through the mall, it's like flipping through the channels on the tv and suddenly hitting the kids' channels. I've been referring to our booth as Cartoon Network!

Be sure to stop in at Paramount if you are ever in the Wichita area. It is worth the trip! There is so much to see! We're at the West side location!

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Reneesance said...

What a great booth! It will definitely pull people in with that color scheme!