Saturday, February 11, 2012

Auction Deprivation

It's February. I haven't been to a good auction in months! And, I'm definitely suffering from auction deprivation. And, so was everyone else at today's auction. The place was packed! And stuff was not going cheap! We managed to spend a little money today, and I'm pretty proud of what we picked up. We were under some time constraints, though. I would have loved to stay to the end! It was hard to leave at our 12:30 deadline.
I am completely in love with this tin bread box. I'd like to use it to store craft supplies. Roger says I need to sell it. Silly Roger!

Some old ice picks. One is in good shape. The other two are a little rough

Vintage Christmas! The top piece is an Irwin plastic toy. One of the reindeer is missing an antler, but, otherwise, it's perfect. The second piece has a few issues, but it's just so kitschy Christmasy cute!
Two very cute Santa dolls. The guy on the left has a very soft beard, and I think he has a very sweet expression.

There were several scales on the auction today. We bought the first one on the block, and the prices skyrocketed after that!

Sometimes, I just like something a little weird. Especially if it's cheap. So, I bought a wooden foot. Okay, it's shoe mold of some sort, but yeah. And it's got that handy rope for hanging!

This is for Lil' Kay's collection. We're trying to get him interested in the world of antiques and vintage. We needed something for him to keep an eye out for when we are "forced" to take him to auctions and antique stores. He's very into hunting and fishing right now, so we are keeping an eye out for vintage outdoorsy stuff. This metal sign is perfect! He's been shooting Nerf darts at it all evening.

This is a big metal box. It's got pretty graphics. There were lots of tin boxes at this auction. I decided I needed one.

It's so good to be back in the auction action. We had a good time and learned a little. I love making friends with the other collectors around us and joking with them. We had good company today.

I bought some more stuff, but I'm saving it for future posts. A Valentine's Day post, and a "What the heck is that?" post. So, stay tuned...


Helen and her Daughters said...

I love the bread box, I would have to keep it too!

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

I too love that bread box. I would keep for sure. those ice picks are great. they would be sweet in a clear vintage jar of some sort...way out of the way of chillins!