Monday, April 11, 2011

Down & Dirty, Why Did I Buy This Fabric, Reusable Bags!

I have a lot of fabric. LOTS! Okay, not as much as some people, but it's still a lot. I was going through it this weekend and trying to assign jobs to each piece. And some of it made me stop and think, "What? What was I thinking when I bought that? And why did I buy so much of it?" It's not that it's really ugly fabric, just not really my style.

So then I started trying to think of ways to get rid of it fast. Trying to sell it off is a pain and could take a while. Reuseable shopping bags! Everyone needs those, right?

I found this tutorial which I really like, because it's EASY! And it looks pretty good, dontcha think?

I'm going to give these away with purchase at my crafts shows this year. Assuming, I can get enough made!

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TheFrogBag said...

That's cool! I'm just learning how to sew, and I'm trying to make one of these. Something to aspire to!