Thursday, January 21, 2010

A New Sickness

Yes, I bought this yarn with no particular project in mind. It's beginning. A new obsession. But, it was on CLEARANCE! And it's PRETTY! And I'm sure I can do SOMETHING with it!

Actually, I do have a plan. I want to make this scarf with it. I just didn't know that when I bought the yarn. (On sale. $1.79 a skein!) It's from the book Interweave Presents Crocheted Gifts: Irresistible Projects to Make & Give. Isn't it gorgeous!? Unfortunately, I don't think I have enough of the solid color for the border. So, if anyone has or comes across a spare skein of Sinfonia yarn in that pretty rust color, tell me! I'll buy it from you! And I'll be eternally grateful!


Anonymous said...

The yarn looks perfect for that project. Now... when will it be done and the pics posted? ;D

LuliBags said...

Lovely! Good luck with your project. The comment above made me laugh!

Sewlutions' World said...

You sound like me, stockpiling beautiful things. That is going to be one pretty scarf.