Monday, August 31, 2009

Screature Day!

For months, Lil' Kay has been saving up his money to buy Screature, a battery-operated dinosaur with motion sensor technology that makes him snap, growl, purr, laugh and even shoot water depending on the situation. Everytime we went to Walmart, we would visit Screature and play with him, but at $35 I wasn't going to give in and just buy it for him. Instead, we encouraged him to save. My son spent all summer searching, asking, bribing and pandering to gather enough funds. Okay, we tried to encourage him to EARN the money and he did a little, but he's a little lazy. "If you'll clean up this area, I'll give you a dollar for your Screature box." HUGE SIGH, "I wish I had a metal detector so I could go look for money."

Anyway, Saturday night we discovered that he was only $5 away from having enough to buy Screature. So, after a fairly well-behaved morning in church where I had instituted some new behavior rules suitable for a first grader, I agreed to make up the difference so he could go buy his new pet.

Without a doubt, it was the "best day of his life"! (Granted, this is coming from a kid who has been known to have the best and worst day of his life within the same 24 hour period, but he was pretty happy.) In no time flat, Screature had his own bed with a pillow and blanket, and Mr Kay and I were being told to turn down the t.v. so we wouldn't wake him. Screature has been terrorizing the cats, and I swear, if that thing snaps at my nose one more time, I'm removing his batteries.

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fookaDESIGNS said...

how fun! don't wake him! LOL