Thursday, July 30, 2009

Times When I Question my Parenting Skills

Sometimes, I think I may be raising the weirdest kid on the planet, but he is funny. Lil' Kay was invited to a birthday party this weekend for his friends Brandon and Heather. They're twins. I asked him what he wanted to get Brandon as a gift.

"Ummmm..... maybe a picture of me?"
"A picture of you? Why?"
"Well, so he could put it in a frame."
"That's weird. Would you want a picture of Brandon for your birthday?"
"No!" (Said like I was totally out of my mind.)

So, I'm taking him shopping tonight for gifts. I worry that maybe he's a bit selfish, but I think that's a little normal for a six year old, especially an only child. I'm just not quite sure how to get him to think of others before himself.


Batmamma said...

Lovely :D

Pixie's Purpose said...

lol... I can so relate. I think some of it might settle down soon when Sally gets here and he has to share and think of others. It's going to be an adjustment for him, too. Sometimes I wish Ellis had a sibling closer to his age, he's quite selfish since he is the baby and there is such a difference in the ages between him and his older brother and sister, he's as you say very selfish, but I still love him. :)

Hearttohearts said...

I think that's just a natural 6-year old phase. I'm sure he'll change when the baby arrives :)

Kiwi Littleoak said...

Ahhh that made me laugh! Yes, I think 6-year-olds tend to be a bit selfish. We grow into selflessness with time.

At least he's on the right track! Perhaps that you tell him it would be totally appropriate if he took a picture WITH Brandon and framed it himself... then it would be a fun gift. :P

- Kiwi / CarbonxKiwi (SB)

P.S. The weird kids are the cooler people. I was a totally bizarre child.