Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lil' Kay Creations

I am always blown away by the creatures that Lil' Kay draws and colors, but keeping the reams and reams of drawings he makes just isn't practical. I was really excited to come up with an cute and fun way to make his drawings a bit more permanent.

I started out by iron a piece of muslin fabric onto a sheet of freezer paper. This creates a nice crisp "canvas" for Lil' Kay to draw on. I gave him a black fabric pen and let him draw on of his creatures on each piece of muslin. He's a big Godzilla fan, so that's Space Godzilla on the left and plain old Godzilla on the right.

After he drew the outlines, he colored them in with ordinary crayons. I encouraged him to color fairly dark so the colors would show up. When he was finished coloring, I placed a paper towel over the image and ironed the paper towel until I was no longer getting any colored wax on the paper towel.

I then peeled the freezer paper away from the muslin and placed the muslin image down on a piece of colored cotton fabric. I pinned the two pieces together and used the sewing machine to stitch around the image leaving a bit of a margin around the actual drawing and leaving an opening at the bottom of the image for turning and stuffing. I cut around the stitching leaving about a 1/4" seam allowance. Next, I turned the creatures right side out, filled them with stuffing and hand stitched the opening closed.

Super easy and fun. Lil' Kay was thrilled with the results. The only problem? He drew both of the creatures facing the same direction, so they can't fight! I told him he'd have to work on that design flaw for next time!


Pixie's Purpose said...

I love your kid!

kim* said...

very cool originals!

Sarah said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: your kid is far and away has the best eye for art I have ever seen for a child that age. He's what, six? I can't draw as well as he can.

I'd really check with someone who knows this stuff. I think lil' Kay's stuff is amazing! (Yours too, by the way ;) )

Jen said...

Great idea! Love lil' Kay's Godzillas. You could do all sorts of things with that technique. Thanks for posting it :)

aonbelay said...

What a fantastic idea!!! So much fun. Lil Kay is so creative!!!