Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome to a New Year at purse-onality

Long time, no blog, huh? I've been busy. Busy with family, Christmas, stuff... Okay, those are excuses. I'm just plain lazy. Which is also the reason my Christmas tree is still up which wouldn't be so bad, if Lil' Kay didn't insist on turning on the lights every evening...

We got Lil' Kay a great gift for Christmas this year. A medium sized hermit crab whom he named Pinchy. Because I find it entertaining to put the cart before the horse (the horse gets the most confused look on his face!), I bought the hermit crab, before I did any research on hermit crabs. Once I started looking into them, I discovered they are fascinating little buggers! And, I found out the pet store gave me all sorts of misinformation.

After visiting Hermit-crabs.com and The Hermit Crab Association and The Crabbage Patch, I discovered that Pinchy needed a bigger tank, more sand, different food and FRIENDS!!! I was totally hooked. As soon as Christmas was over, I went to work to give Pinchy a better home.

Now, I know some of you are looking at that picture and thinking, "Huh, looks like a shell." That's bascially what my Dad said the last time he visited. Let me assure you that hermit crabs are a hoot. They dig and climb and knock stuff over. They're really interesting to watch.

This may be Lil' Kay's pet, but it's my obsession. And, Pinchy has been joined by Godzilla who totally lived up to his name by kicking Pinchy out of the house and terrorizing the tank before he settled in. And, then there's Mothra who is tiny and immediately dug under the sand and hasn't been seen since. My hope is that she's molting. I've never even seen her. She was underground before I even got home the day Mr. Kay brought them home.
So, you see, I've been spending my non-blogging period educating myself about another species. Completely valuable.


Steph said...

Totally understandable. I've been doing the same thing in regards to the two fat little dwarf hamsters my daughter got for Christmas - Molly & Fiona.

aidan said...

Hermit crabs are cool! When I was a kid, we used to get them (if my parents were having a weak moment) when we went to the shore. Enjoy them! PS - my tree is still up too :)

Michelle said...

looks like fun!

Christopher And Tia said...

Ya know, I had pet hermit crabs as a kid. But I didn't know anything about them. And I was actually kind of disgusted by them (I'm totally a girly girl, and afraid of anything that could potentially pinch me). Eventually I let them die. And by eventually, I mean after like a week. I wish I would have had a fun mom like you that did research on them, and could have hyped me up on thier existance. Lil K is one lucky man.