Thursday, April 3, 2008

My 100th Sale!

Here it is! Sale number 100! I am really pleased to be sending this cute little bag out to Laurie in Mississippi. It's been just over a year that I've been on Etsy, and I cannot believe how many bags I have made and sold. Who would have thought? And, there will definitely be a little something extra in Laurie's package!
Last night, I was doing my taxes. I know, I know, April 15th is less than two weeks away! Normally, we have them done well in advance. I've been putting them off, because I was afraid it would be too hard to do them myself. Guess what! It's not hard! I bought one of those tax software packages, and it talked me right though it. And, we're getting a refund. I just need to go through it all one more time, add in a few things I didn't have at my fingertips last night, and I'm done!
One thing I learned last night as I added up my receipts. I bought waaaay too much fabric last year! I never said I wasn't addicted.

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